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We are experts in obtaining the funds.

We will help you choose the most beneficial product. We will elaborate the application, create a business plan.

We will help you generate better contractual conditions and prepare for realization of business plan.


We are experts in obtaining the funds. We will guide you comprehensively for the entire time: we will explain the principles of conducting EU projects; we will advise on where to get the funds from, we will help you choose the right contest, we will write and calculate the application form.

We specialize in the following projects:

Investment projects for enterprises,

Research and development (R&D),

In the sector of RES (Renewable Energy Sources) and high technology sectors,

Related to participation in fairs and missions,

Participation in trainings.

New pool of EU grants!
Consult our experts on grants, get funding and start realizing your project.
How do we obtain grants?
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1. We analyse a given project

Your time is too precious-don’t waste it on searching for unreliable information on the internet. We will not waste it either way. We will conduct a swift, precise analysis of your project which will let us adjust an adequate contest to it.

2. We select the form of funding

We provide you with advice on whether a subsidy or EU loan will be more beneficial for your business. We will analyse also other possibilities of obtaining funds in order to provide you with the best available solution.

3. We constantly monitor EU funding

This service is particularly valued by our clients. We will inform you on an ongoing basis as to the possibilities of obtaining a subsidiary for each of your projects. You will not lose any occasion!

4. We write applications for funding

We will switch places with you when it comes to writing time-consuming and complex analyses, budgets and schedules.

5. We gather all documents

Thanks to our experts you can be sure that you will not miss any document necessary for the correct submission of application.

6. We gain grants

We support you in negotiations and conclusion of the grant agreement.

7. We support you in project realization

Thanks to the experience of our experts you can be sure that you will realize your project smoothly. We will assist in procedures of purchase realization or calls for tenders as well as making sure that you are on schedule.

8. We are settling the grant

Correct settlement of the obtained funds is critical, therefore, we will elaborate applications for payments for you. Thanks to us you can be sure that this complicated and responsible tasks will be conducted infallibly.

We are keen to take up cooperation in the scope of projects for new start-ups-we have experience in elaborating business models, business plans and projects under capital entries. We are currently preparing and have realized projects for the total amount exceeding PLN 25 million.

Other forms of funding

we will help you choose the most beneficial product

we will elaborate the application

we will gather the necessary appendices

we will create a business plan

With us you will not miss any important detail or provision within the agreement.

External investors

we will elaborate business model

we will create the strategy of generating revenues

we will organize distribution network

we will elaborate idea presentation and business plan

We will help you generate better contractual conditions and prepare for realization of business plan.