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We provide comprehensive support in the scope of company service.

Our reports will enable you to assess the financial condition of your company.

Join us and start to use our modern ERP-enova system.

We will support you comprehensively in the scope of H&R and payroll so that you don’t have to worry about anything.

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You save your time

We are the ones to solve your problems of accounting nature; we contact the administrative offices and handle audits.

You will be free to decide on your own involvement

During cooperation with us you can choose whether you wish to actively participate in the conduct of actions related to your company operations or whether you prefer to leave the majority of actions in our hands.

You gain the support of experienced personnel

Your objective is our client satisfaction, therefore, we do not limit ourselves just to calculating tax amounts. Contrary to many accounting offices our customer assistants will make time to talk to you about your doubts or concerns and come up with solutions tailored to your needs. Thanks to its complex network of Partners, Starlit can guarantee the support of experienced specialists in almost every scope concerning the conduct of business.

You are welcome to use a shared accounting system

You issue invoices, we account them. All of this is accompanied by state-of-the-art ERP enova system which may be developed in line with your needs.

You do not worry about mistakes

We are in possession of TPL insurance at the level of 200 k The policy protects you both in the scope of accounting and H&R and payroll.


We will fully take over the responsibility for the conduct of your accounting, regardless of whether it is a simple accounting in the form of revenue and expense ledger or full accounting based on accounting records. We will keep you informed on an ongoing basis of any changes in legal acts and all key deadlines. We will explain the accounting and legal issues in a simple way.


Our services also cover ongoing consultations in the scope of the conducted activity without any additional fees.


Upon special request we also provide services related to accounting auditing.


Management Reports

Our reports will enable you to assess the financial condition of your company.
Do you need more? You will receive on an ongoing basis fully professional reports which will enable you to assess financial condition of your business and to make key decisions regarding its development. By availing of our services you will be able to monitor among others such indicators as:



Rotation (assets, stocks, charges, capital),


Management reports will facilitate optimizing costs-you will be able to see which costs are generated by individual departments or products of your company. At your request we are able to elaborate individual reports which will enable revision of effects of undertaken actions, especially in the scope of obtaining financial targets by the company, i.e. Ongoing information regarding payment delays among the contracts, obtained margin on individual products


Programme for invoice issuance

Many entrepreneurs run their companies on the basis of spreadsheets. We can offer you so much more- our ERP enova system.
Standard functionalities of enova:

Issuing invoices-invoices are issued in chronological way so you can be sure that nothing gets lost,

Flexible storage-the system maintains a storage and monitors storage status,

Payment monitoring-through the programme you may issue calls for payment and other support documents

Client relations management through flexible CRM,

Cost monitoring-do you want to know exactly how much performance of your service costs? The system generates a simple and transparent summaries,

integration with online shops-do you sell your products online? Integrate your sales with the system with the use of API and manage all your operations in one place,

always at hand-enova enables logging in online through website from any place and at any time.


Human Resources and payroll

We will support you comprehensively in the scope of H&R and payroll so that you don’t have to worry about anything.

We deal with servicing employees employed both on the basis of civil-legal contracts and work contracts; we maintain personal files, we calculate PFRON and cooperate with specialists in the scope of OHS.

At our client request we may conduct an audit of HR documentation, employee payroll summaries, settlements with ZUS and Tax Office.